Prime Source remains consistently focused on developing and manufacturing superior post-patent products and bringing unique technologies and proprietary formulations to the golf, turf & ornamental, IVM and PMP markets.

With a broad portfolio of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, PGRs, liquid fertilizers, adjuvants, surfactants, wetting agents, dyes and pigments, we offer innovative solutions to the green industry.

By adding our proven performance in customer service, support and supply logistics to the global sourcing and manufacturing expertise of Albaugh, we can provide you access to new, unique chemistries as they are developed, as well as a ready supply of all the most reliable post-patent products.

Get the support, service and materials you need to do the job right, every time. Because if it matters to you, it matters to us.

The Albaugh manufacturing plant, St. Joseph, MO.


Albaugh today is a global business, operating with a direct presence in key regions of the world including North America, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Europe. From these locations we are also serving other markets such as Central America, South America and Africa.

In each of our key regions, we operate manufacturing facilities which assure the quality and competitiveness of the products that we supply. We value the cooperation with our distributors and partners, operating with lean, very efficient organizations throughout our company.
Albaugh’s focus on efficiency is a critical business component and is embedded in the teams responsible for active ingredient sourcing, supply chain, production and sales support.